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WOW-tribute by AlivanArt WOW-tribute by AlivanArt
HI everyone! this is the first time ive ever gotten published and probably the only time.. ! so its a very special piece to me... I got into the wow tribute book! yippy! let me know what you guys think
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n-pigeon Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013   Digital Artist
This piece is the best in your gallery in my opinion. Not only very good quality but also it has an artistic edge to it. Eye candy :)

I recommend you to post it in some Groups maybe WoW related, then you will certainly have more views and comments :)
AlivanArt Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
i thought being in the book would get at least 500 views.. but i was wrong lol, but thats a good idea!

Can you elaborate a little more on why this is my best piece? i would love to learn why...  I always thought the holy grail of art was painting.. which i have tried.. but its weird how the simple drawings are regarded higher.. to me this piece was rather easier compared to my attempts at painting. so its weird that its my best

but i would love to learn more as to why, and in your opinion if i should keep going on this path... always a great dilema of mine to either draw or paint
n-pigeon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014   Digital Artist
If you were in book I'm sure that you had many views but in the the book :) People must still find you on DA. Self advertisement is important and groups are great way to advertise your work on DA until it will be so popular that it will be automatically featured on main page by DA engine. If you want many views people must know about your work first :) Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement but don't advertise pieces of low importance, advertise what you think is best about your work.

Painting or drawing is ... only technique, actually painting is in 90% drawing. It's only way to produce images but the important part is THE Images themselves not your craft.
For image to be successful it must be interesting and readable. This piece is good quality and interesting to watch.

Good quality is important to not brake the magic, many people are thrilled when they see well crafted artwork but good technique is only for readability. For example lets say you write a book and each of your words or sentences in the book have got a typo, even if story is great reader will be annoyed by mistakes that brake the magic of the story, the same is with art.

This work is interesting because it has some action and maybe even story (well I see a story) additionally it's very interesting visually, vivid orange background creates interesting mood, composition, and there is a lot of characters which are doing something. I'm just entertained because I have something to explore. My brain has toy to play with.

Most of my works is boring as hell in my opinion, no life, no story, no mood. But hey, not all artwork need to have those, most of my work that I posted on DA is concept art work so they should be at least interesting as a design piece and rest is just doodles so I don't care much, always someone will like it. I need to post some more interesting stuff soon xD my gallery is boring xD
AlivanArt Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
not boring at all, at least to me, your style is very refreshing and new.. like the first time seeing rocaforts art!
n-pigeon Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014   Digital Artist
Thx ^^ glad to hear that!
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October 22, 2013
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